We root our work in Company DNA—the unique qualities and characteristics that define your organization.

You may know ‘Company DNA’ by other names: ‘brand,’ ‘purpose and values,’ ‘special sauce.’ Company DNA represents the intangibles that make your organization one-of-a-kind.

We believe that when everyone in your organization understands and uses Company DNA, they can more confidently make decisions and contribute to a shared vision.

Our Approach
“It’s time we paid attention to an organization’s intrinsic nature (Company DNA) and consider how we can cultivate its full expression.”

We partner with purpose-led leaders in moments of transition.

Penrose helps leaders:
• adapt to external pressures like shifting markets, disruptive competitors, and quarterly earnings expectations
• evolve from a private to public company
• manage the succession of a visionary founder or leader
• unlock the next stage of growth and positive impact

Our clients
“This team did the most influential work during my five years as CEO. I can’t imagine having done my job as successfully without them.”
Penrose client

We offer two key services:

Company DNA
We codify and systematize the unique qualities and characteristics that define your organization
Strategy Blueprint
We organize and systematize your strategies
and strategic planning processes
Our services
“[Penrose] created the foundation to operationalize innovation that's authentic to our brand. They enabled us to comprehensively understand ourselves, and the gap between internal perception and reality. They built us systems and tools for decision making so that we can fulfill the potential of our brand.”
Penrose client

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