We define Company DNA as the unique qualities and characteristics that define an organization.

Each component of Company DNA framework plays a role in the system that both defines and differentiates an organization—outlining what is important to preserve and guiding future growth

  • Origin Story
  • Market Catgory
  • Stakeholders
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Promise
  • Pillars
  • Values
  • DNA Metrics

We took our own medicine and codified our Company DNA to guide decision making across our organization.

How did our organization come to be?

Annie Richmond and Danny Brooks met at Starbucks, where for 40+ years, the company’s choices emerged from its founder’s heart and intuition. Until one day, the founder left to try something new.

In his absence, people felt unsure about Starbucks future, leading new leaders to wonder, ‘How might we scale the founder’s intuition? How might we decentralize strategy? How might we make choices that align with Starbucks values and vision of the future?’

Annie and Danny codified Starbucks Company DNA, leveraging insights to equitably represent and positively impact all stakeholders. They systematized their approach in service of democratizing decision making, connecting social impact to financial return, and integrating brand and business.

After achieving meaningful success at Starbucks, Annie and Danny created Penrose to refine their theory of change and scale their impact.

What industry are we in?

Our work focuses on:Strategy Systems Consulting

Who does our organization serve?

Purpose-Led Leaders
Decision makers at our client’s organizations

SecondaryClient Teams
Employees/Teams at the client’s organizations

All for-profit companies and their stakeholders

What is our organization’s primary reason for being?

We exist to:

Enable organizations to follow through on their best intentions

What is the future our organization aspires to create?

We envision a future where we helped:

For-profit companies do more good for more people

What’s our goal and how will you accomplish it?

We aim to:

Drive purposeful progress by putting Company DNA at the heart of decision making

What do we deliver to our stakeholders every single time?

We promise to: Decode complexity.

How do we uniquely deliver on our Promise to stakeholders?
What we sell:
Company DNA
Codified decision-making frameworks—leveraging a company’s unique qualities to guide consistent choices and differentiate from competition

When we get it right:
More organizations use Company DNA as a decision-making framework

Actionable plans—organizing and interconnecting teams around systematic problem definition, near- and long-term tactics, and shared success metrics

When we get it right:
The organization evolves and improves its strategic planning systems
How we deliver:
People-centered exploration and insights—digging deep to understand an organization's aspirations, stakeholder perceptions, root problems, and key opportunities

When we get it right:
Leaders believe Penrose’s work feels native

Thoughtful integration—sustaining tangible change by engaging teams to broadly adopt and use new tools and systems rooted in DNA

When we get it right:
Teams adopt and use the systems Penrose creates in their day-to-day work
How we’re different:

Engaging communications—making sense of complex information through memorable narratives that stick within an organization

When we get it right:
Leaders feel inspired to share and leverage Penrose’s work

Active listening and sense making—providing honest perspectives and expertise to support leaders through their toughest challenges

When we get it right:
Leaders feel Penrose is a trusted thought partner
Desired outcomes:
Measurable transformation—supporting meaningful transitions by creating alignment and momentum towards audacious goals

When we get it right:
The organization shifts investment in alignment with codified Company DNA/strategy

Meaningful connections—prioritizing trust, shared ideas, and personal connections as ends unto themselves

When we get it right:
Client leaders recommend Penrose to their peers
What are the shared beliefs that guide our actions? 
In our behaviors, we prioritize:

Positive Impact

Continuous Learning


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